Surrounding self with positive things, positive people, positive attitude, positive expectations…..it seems difficult but it’s possible. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, the possibilities of better things are always there. Had a good friend tell me today that “thoughts are finicky.” They drive those emotions that are already driving the thoughts…a vicious cycle. According to Merriam-Webster, finicky is extremely or excessively particular, exacting, or meticulous in taste or standards or requiring much care, precision, or attentive effort. I guess when I thought about it, it became more clear how powerful our thoughts can be. They determine our emotions (and our emotions drive the thoughts) that we carry with us whether for a minute, an hour, or a few days.

I’ve realized that negative emotional people like to surround themselves with the same (or people who actually will listen to it), and when they are not fulfilled they move on to someone else. Careful!!! It can be contagious! When we give into that negative behavior and thinking, we can get sucked in like the eye of a hurricane pulling in every bit of anything susceptible to its destruction. My friend who was explaining to me how “thoughts are finicky” went on to tell me how his thinking through emotions led him down a path of personal destruction, and now more recently a more fufilling nondestructive joy that only comes with positive expectations. Just thinking through emotions before acting on them can make or break the entire cycle.

So think about it…..Drawing the best to yourself whether it be it the people, the circumstances, or the outcome can lie in the emotion and the direction you want it to go. Draw the best to yourself through positive expectations and just StopThinkPauseAct. Waiting to act based on emotions/thoughts fed by those emotions can draw the better or the best. It’s a personal choice. I think about my horses back home. No matter what kind of day it is…..rain, sunshine, sleet, snow, they always seem to see the “carrot” dangling in front of them. They know and expect that it is coming. If we expect that the best will be drawn to us, it will be.