For some reason there are times of the year that we all really enjoy or maybe even really dislike. I had the opportunity this week to attend a workshop and one of the exercises we did involved discussing in a small group the smells and tastes of things revolved around Halloween that we remember. It is interesting to me that I have a great memory and cannot remember some things that may have happened in the last few years, but I can remember smells and tastes and events that come to mind centered around those smells and tastes.
When I began thinking about “my” smells and tastes I remember Halloween probably a bit differently than some. I do not remember trick or treating being the big thing each year. I do remember my mom making my sister, and I costumes that were adorable. She spent hours on them. I remember going to my grandparents and the smile on their faces when we walked in. Oh how they enjoyed spoiling us with big Reese’s and Butterfingers. But I mostly remember a blanket my grandmother made that I always pull out of the linen closet when I go home to my parent’s house. The blanket it handmade and one that my sister and I would lay out in the middle of the living room floor to sit on, have a snack of some sort, and watch television. We would lay the blanket down and watch the 1966 classic, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Memories I hold near and dear are good, warm, snuggly ones and the blanket and cartoon watching went on through the holiday season. Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph in December are two that I continue to watch in my 30’s. It’s is nice to recreate that feeling to a degree, but you can never replace those memories and feelings of being innocent and enjoying the simple pleasures of just having that family time or a time in your life where everything was just “perfect” even if it were something this simple.
I encourage you to just sit and ask three or four of your peers to share their smells and tastes and memories about Halloween….or any other time of this season that comes to mind. In my culture it is rare that most of cannot relate in some way where this subject comes up, but it is also an area we can connect with each other and talk about things that are neutral and comfortable…..Possibly even spark some other conversations or start our own traditions as we get older.