Setting a goal and completing a goal can be challenging especially with stumbling blocks and life happenings along the way. One goal you never imagine setting for yourself is saying yes to more and saying no less. Read a book recently by a famous author whose goal was to do just that. Say YES! Why would you not say yes??

Many people do not say Yes because of fear they will fail, it will be too difficult, the thought of what others may think, or simply just because it does not come natural. Opening up a Yes leads to more Yes’. Personally, I set a few goals the past year that included saying yes more often to a few things I must say were my biggest fears. I joined a club when asked to join and this led to being asked to be an officer which led to more spotlight and responsibility. I said yes. I joined a dating app which meant I had to say Yes more often if I wanted to meet anyone and I met someone. I said Yes to myself…dinner on a patio, alone with my favorite food, drink, and positive thoughts. I was no longer thinking about the fact that I was there alone, but that I was doing it and happy.

These three goals were big goals for me. They have led to more goals and more Yes’ but the best has happened. When you say Yes more often you see yourself blossom in ways you never imagined were possible. Get ut of your bubble and say Yes to something today. You may be pleasantly surprised where the road takes you.