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It can be debated upon….Depression. Is it clinical or in the spirit?  Regardless, most of the time depression is brought on by things that are beyond our control. Every little thing we do may be depleting every ounce of happiness out of our day. Instead of being the picture of depression, lift yourself up. Literally. Stand up, and stand up straight! It might change your outlook a little. Take care of yourself at work. Taking an action plan about an issue within the workplace can help. Get out and move. Exercising a little bit goes a long way even if it is just walking around the building, stretching at the desk, or doing a few stretches on the couch can perk you up. Seek professional help to talk about it. There may be things you can talk about with someone that you may not want to bring up on the home front or at the job. Last but not least, have fun! Every single day do something fun.